martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

SABBATH vs OZZY: No one gets hurt.

I love both Black Sabbath and Ozzy´s solo work equally.
Sabbath is drenched of seventies sound and attitude, while Ozzy grabs the best of the eighties and adds some glamorous feeling to heavy metal.
It´s pretty similiar to when someone asks you wether you love more mum or dad.
But, sometimes, my thoughts towards these artists may vary. It happens that when I don´t sleep well, or I get angry, or drunk, or whatever, my objectivity becomes slightly affected and tends to express as follows:

Ozzy looks like an angry man. A common angry man, who after a tyring labour day, may stab you in the throat for drinking the last drops of beer left in the bar.
Ozzy is a fat, blonde dyed hair man who wears excessive make up.

Iommi: mysterious, dark and soulful guitar riffs. Hell of a compliment for a guy who has no fingertips.
A midget playing electric guitar and mixing hard rock with classical music. Everyone, this is Randy. Randy, everyone.

A band. A music group. A gang that would pleasently do any mischevious things like the ones in Kubrick´s “A Clockwork Orange”.
A drunk man who looks like Beeltejuice jumping up and down, while a tiny dude hurts a guitar.

Luckily, I keep myself sober most of the time, and I hardly never get to say these horrible and untruthful things.

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